Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: We provide Windows 2008 R2 Standard, Windows 2012 R2 Standard, Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter and Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter OS templates.

Ans: We provide the best hosting support through Ticketing System, Live Chat and Emails. We are available 24/7 to provide you with a valid solution and resolve your query as soon as possible.

Ans: No, we do not offer any trial period. You are free to subscribe to our dedicated hosting service whenever required. Also, we do not impose any minimum contracts on our service subscription. You can choose any flexible monthly service plans.

Ans: No, with dedicated server hosting we do not offer a Money-Back guarantee. For more details, you can contact our support experts.

Ans: We consider bulk mailing as spam. We do not support any kind of Email marketing or sending emails in bulk. If you use your server for bulk mailing then your service will be suspended. Hence make sure to read the Acceptable Usage Policy page before subscribing with our hosting service.

Ans: Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the package whenever you wish. You can do so through your client area or through the control panel you have opted. Also, you can contact our experts to get a clear idea on how to upgrade or downgrade the resources.

Ans: We accept Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, WebMoney and Bank Transfer.

Ans: Yes, you will have full root/administration access over the server. You can control and monitor the activities of server and the utilization of its resources.

Ans: No, our servers are unmanaged. If you require management service, then you can purchase the complete management service by our hosting experts as an add-on.

Ans: You will get 1 dedicated IP and 15 more extra IPs to order with dedicated servers.

Ans: As you have the full root/administration access over the server you can host any content but make sure that the content you will be hosting abide by the terms of service imposed by dotzo.net. Hence read our Terms of service page before hosting any content which can be termed as illegal in the future.

Ans: Yes, you can use Netherlands/USA dedicated servers for video streaming. Also, you can use servers as game servers, VPN servers, chat room servers, Application server and more.

Ans: We do not provide refunds on canceling the dedicated hosting service. Moneyback policy is not applicable for Dedicated servers, Managed VPS, Cloud VPS, Domain Registration and add-ons opted.

Ans: As you get the full root/administration access over your dedicated server, you are free to remotely reboot your server at any time without any cost involved.

Ans: You can raise a ticket or contact us via Live Chat.

Ans: We provide control panels as add-ons and not for free. You can choose among cPanel, Plesk Panel and DirectAdmin panel.

Ans: With our Netherlands/USA Dedicated Servers can host unlimited websites, parked domains and sub-domains, as long as the websites/web applications use the allotted resources.

Ans: Dotzo.net offers branded Netherlands/USA Servers, some servers architecture support Soft RAID and some with Hardware RAID Controllers. Both Soft and Hardware Raid Controllers support RAID0, 1, 5,6 and 10. In case needed with furthermore RAID functions from Controllers, we will be able to customize the hardware setup.

Ans: All the Netherlands/USA Servers are monitored 24/7 by our datacenter`s on-site and in-house Team.

Ans: We focus on the quality of the service we provide and we believe that our plans are competitively priced. Kindly check the Web Hosting Offers page continuously for updated offers.

Ans: We use a third-party service to scan new account sign up for risk levels. If the risk level is above 95% of 100% it blocks the order. So you might get the fraud check error. For more details you can contact us.

Ans: For carrying out the basic configuration of the erver we do not charge anything. The Setup fees is applicable only if you go for additional configurations.

Ans: You can cancel the subscribed hosting service through your client-area. Based on your needs, you can choose any one of the cancellation requests. Refer to this article to know the types of service cancellation requests.

Ans: Invoices will be generated at the end of every month. We have a pro-rata billing system i.e. you need to pay at the end of every month.

Ans: Our qualified team can help you to migrate your current server to dotzo.net. Some fees may apply, or you can use some support time from a server management plan.

Ans: Our servers come installed with RAID and can be changed to offer different RAID options like RAID0 and RAID1.

Ans: You will be given root/administration access over the server. You can install any software on the server, but make sure to read our Acceptable Usage Policy page before installing any software.

Ans: Our Servers are fully unmanaged. But, if you want us to take care of the server, you can take our Management service as an add-on. Contact us for more detail on the server management service.

Ans: Yes, you can change the existing OS of your server via the client area or via the opted control panel by you. If you are unable to carry out the process then you can raise a ticket to get assisted in changing your server operating system. Or just contact us for further assistance.

Ans: No, we do not provide SSL certificates for free. The SSL certificates are provided as addons. We provide Domain Validation, Extended Validation, Organization Validation and Wildcard SSL certificates. You can buy the best suitable SSL certificate as per your website needs.
If you are confused regarding choosing the SSL certificates, then do contact our support experts, we will assist you will in choosing the apt certificate.

Ans: Yes, we do provide customized dedicated server solution based on your website requirements. Contact us to get your customized server.

Ans: Yes, you can use your server as a VPN server.