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Cloud VPS Server Hosting comes with 99.99% Uptime on Fully Redundant Platform & connected with Premium 1Gbps Network Linux. Located in Netherlands and USA.

Overview is a cloud hosting provider that has been providing reliable services for years.

We have a variety of options for you to choose from, and their service levels are second to none. You can be sure that your website will be up and running whenever you need it, with Dotzo 24/7 support team standing by to help out as needed. With, you'll get the power of a high-availability VPS cloud server behind your website, giving you complete control over your online presence while also giving you full root access to run any software or script on the server as needed. Get the power of Dedicated Hosting with great technical support to host a website in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many more based on your needs. is here for you whether it's just getting started or expanding and growing your business into new territories around the world!

Naaldwijk, Netherlands | Test IP :
New York, USA | Test IP :
Cloud Linux VPS



$ 6.59 /mo.

$ 10.99 /mo.

$ 21.99 /mo.

$ 36.29 /mo.

$ 61.59 /mo.

SSD: 40 GB SSD: 40 GB SSD: 60 GB SSD: 80 GB SSD: 120 GB
vRAM: 1 GB vRAM: 2 GB vRAM: 4 GB vRAM: 8 GB vRAM: 16 GB
vCPU: 1v Core vCPU: 1v Core vCPU: 2v Cores vCPU: 4v Cores vCPU: 8v Cores
Bandwidth: 4 TB Bandwidth: 6 TB Bandwidth: 8 TB Bandwidth: 10 TB Bandwidth: 10 TB
Network: 1 Gbps Network: 1 Gbps Network: 1 Gbps Network: 1 Gbps Network: 1 Gbps
Dedicated Ipv4: Dedicated Ipv4: Dedicated Ipv4: Dedicated Ipv4: Dedicated Ipv4:
Ddos Protection: Ddos Protection: Ddos Protection: Ddos Protection: Ddos Protection:
Free Migration: Free Migration: Free Migration: Free Migration: Free Migration:

Additional Addons

Cloudflare - CDN and DNS Free
Softaculous 1-Click Installer $ 3.00/mo.


Litespeed (<= 2GB RAM) - Free + setup $ 6.00/mo.
Webserver Litespeed (<= 8GB RAM) $ 11.00/mo.

Best Cloud VPS Hosting Features

Dotzo Cloud VPS Hosting gives you comprehensive customization options to select from based on your needs, as well as the greatest features and support.

No Contract /No Setup Fees

We do not have any long term contract, we have a minimum of 30days term to roll on if you want you can extend as required.

SSD Storages

Enterprise SSDs are used to store all of the VPS Cloud data, which results in improved performance and more reliable hardware.

Premium Network Line

We provide VPS Cloud Hosting that comes with a dedicated network line that is capable of 1 GB in bandwidth. This is our most expensive network line option.

DDOS protection

Cloud VPS Hosting provides with DDOS prevention and hardware-based security to support the high degree of attack.

Premium Support Team

We offer many specialist support teams for VPS Cloud Hosting customers.

Full Root Access

Gain total access to the root file system as well as control over your Cloud Virtual Private Server.

All Best Cloud VPS Hosting plans includes Great Features


Control Panel

24/7 Technical Support

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Premium Network Line

DDoS Protection

Do you have any queries?

Contact us if you have any questions or are seeking hosting solutions, we will be happy to assist you and provide the best solutions we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the cloud-based hosting of a virtual private server. Cloud VPS Hosting is a cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers. Cloud VPS Hosting is the most trustworthy hosting option since your data is stored on several servers to ensure that it can be retrieved quickly in the case of a server failure. ensures that your server is deployed quickly with no hassles caused. Depending on the operating system and other additional features selected, VPS deployment takes around 1 to 5 working hours.
No. With Cloud VPS we do not provide a money back guarantee.
Yes, you can have your private cloud. Your Cloud VPS is based on KVM virtualization technology, providing you a high level virtual dedicated server environment. You will have complete control over your server.
There is no term called ‘burstable’ when it comes to cloud hosting. All your server resources are only dedicated to you. You can use the resources you pay for and pay only for the resources you have utilized.
Video streaming is supported on cloud vps. Although, support for video streaming depends on the size of the multimedia file or video which will be streamed, the number of video viewers and the resources available on the virtual server.
No, we do not provide free backup. You are responsible for your work backup. You can have your website backup, only if you have opted for the backup option while signing up with our Cloud VPS Hosting service.
Follow this simple procedure to raise the ticket, Go to your client area > Click on Open ticket on top bar > Select Department > Write your Query > Submit.
No. does not believe in binding you with any constraints, hence we do not have any contract period with cloud hosting service. Sign up today with the Free Server setup, and you are eligible to cancel the service at any time with no exit fees.
Yes, we do provide both Linux and Windows Cloud Servers. For Windows servers, you can choose from Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 R2 license in the configuration option after clicking on order now.
You can connect to the Linux platform based server through SSH and PuTTY. Connect to the Windows platform based server via Remote Desktop. If you face any issue with connecting to your cloud server then you can raise a ticket or contact us directly.
You get only 1 IPv4 address for free. With Cloud VPS we do not provide additional IP.
Yes. You can install any required application or software. But in case if you receive any abuse report then you need to remove the content and update the abuse report on time. So ensure to read our Acceptable Usage Policy before installing anything to adhere to our usage policy.
We provide cPanel/WHM panel, DirectAdmin Panel, ISPManager Lite and Plesk Onyx panel as add-ons enabling you to manage your Linux or Windows based Cloud server efficiently.
Yes, you can change the server location. To relocate the server you can contact our hosting experts at any time. If you are a new customer then choose the apt cloud server location when subscribing with the service. Our cloud servers are located in the Netherlands and USA.
Data on a Cloud server is stored on an SSD with RAID 10 controllers. The information is saved on different hard drives, so no data loss if drives fail.
No, Presently we do not have an option to install custom OS, in future we plan to give this option. You can still request via ticket. offers scalable and feature-packed cloud VPS Hosting Solutions. You can choose between our best plans suiting your needs. Please contact the Dotzo sales team with your requirements and specifications for the best Cloud Hosting Solution.

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